Thanks for choosing us! MOSUO jewellery pieces are made of 14 k solid gold, so they will never tarnish and last a lifetime. Nevertheless, we hope you handle your delicate pieces with love and care.

In order to keep your jewellery pieces in best conditions store them individually in an adequate jewellery pouch or box.

Avoid contact of the jewel with cosmetic products that can damage its color. Creams or perfumes can make your piece darken due to the abrasion caused by chemicals. Gems and enamel can be damaged by contact with chemicals such as creams, alcohol and perfumes. Especially pearls can be very sensitive to chemicals and should not come in contact with any cosmetics or detergents.

Don’t expose your jewellery to sudden temperature changes since the gemstones might undergo changes in colour.


How to keep your favourite pieces shiny?

You can easily clean your jewelry by yourself at home. Just soak your favourite piece in a glass of warm water with a drop of non-detergent soap (e.g. Dr. Bronner's).

Let it soak for a few minutes and pat dry it with a soft cloth.

Any remaining dirt particles can be removed carefully with a soft toothbrush.


What to do when your piece needs to get repaired?

Our fine jewellery is made to withstand the challenges of everyday life and can be worn in any weather or water.

However, should minor damages occur you can be sure that almost everything can be fixed.

Starting at the date of purchase MOSUO provides 6 months warranty for jewellery covering material and manufacturing defects.

In order to request a repair, please email us at with your order number and a photo of the damaged item. We will then send you a shipping label via email. There is an extra cost for shipping both ways (12€ within Germany and 30€ within the EU).

PLEASE NOTE: We do not recommend shipping your piece by yourself, because we will not be responsible for any lost packages.

Excluded from free repairs are missing or damaged stones. Please understand that we do not cover the cost of the new replacement stone.
Email us at to get a quote for a new stone.

Please note that we will note accept items that have been previously altered by any other jeweller.