About Mosuo

Meet Sara and Victoria

Sisters and Founders of MOSUO, who believe in the beauty and power of femininity. Grown up in Hamburg and having lived around the globe, we were given the opportunity to encounter different cultures and their heritage. Working in Arts and Business for the last years laid out a foundation for our long desired project. Finally, in 2019, we established MOSUO, a jewellery label created by women for women.

The inspiration for our collection is drawn from our travels and daily encounters with individuals, nature and art.
Our jewellery pieces are delicate, yet expressive, and intended to be worn with your every day outfit as well as a cocktail dress. The everlasting value of gold and precious stones combined with hand craftsmanship result in an heirloom for life.

The purpose of our collection is not only to accentuate women’s natural beauty, but also to encourage them to express themselves freely – a privilege that is not yet granted to all of us. For this reason we support the Terre des Femmes project “Self – determination through education”, which provides girls in Northern Cameroon with the possibility to visit a school.