Diamond Hamsa Pendant

MN- 110
Colour: Yellow Gold

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  • Material: 14 Karat Gold
  • Handmade
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Make a powerful statement with the Diamond Hamsa Pendant. This 14 karat gold pendant is an eye-catcher as it brilliant cut diamonds shine brightly. The center of the pendant features an evil eye with handset diamond pave. 

The hamsa symbol is associated with good luck, power and bliss.

This diamond necklace is ideal to be worn on its own or with other pendants, necklaces or a choker necklace. Get inspired and create your own layering look!

 Also available in rose gold.


What does the hamsa pendant symbolise?

The Hamsa, also known as Fatima's hand, is an incredibly popular ornament used in jewellery. It is a multicultural symbol and therefore has different meanings depending on its occurrence, but the most popular interpretation is protection against the evil eye. In our offer we have a 14k gold diamond hamsa pendant, a very subtle and delicate ornament. Fatima's hand is pointing downwards and therefore acts as a talisman of good fortune, attracting wellbeing to our lives. You can also use the offered women hamsa necklace 14k gold as a protective amulet identified with feminine strength and maternal care. Gift it to your mother, grandmother, partner or friend - it is sure to steal their hearts.

Necklace with hamsa and Eye of the Prophet - protection from negative emotions

In Eastern culture and many world religions, including Islam and Judaism, the hamsa and the Eye of the Prophet in the form of a necklace are considered a protective amulet. This combination protects against jealousy, envy and ill intentions. By wearing a Fatima hand, e.g. in the form of a hamsa hand pendant diamond, you attract kindness and good vibrations while at the same time emanating positive energy. Many believe that contact with this symbol allows a person to become open, honest and friendly to others. Today, the diamond hamsa pendant is a very popular design used in jewellery. To some it brings blessings, while to others it remains simply an aesthetic decoration.

Material: 14 karat gold

Stones: diamonds  

Total carat weight: 0.11ct

Chain length: 50cm with up to 53cm extension

Pendant dimensions: 2cm x 1,5cm

Please note that each piece is handcrafted and unique, so slight alterations in colour and form can occur.