Birthstone Necklace January - Vermeil & Garnet

Colour: Gold Vermeil

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  • Material: Gold Vermeil, a thick 18 Karat Gold layer over 925 Sterling Silver
  • Handmade
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A new universe. The 18 Karat Gold Vermeil Birthstone Necklace shines with its garnet stone and long-lasting quality. Wear it as a symbol of your birth month January. This gold necklace is a perfect match for your everyday look. The long chain makes this necklace a perfect layering piece for a vibrant and extravagant look. Garnet, the January Birthstone is known as a symbol of love, passion and devotion. This gemstone is said to energise and revitalise us.

A magical gift for yourself, your best friend or loved one to cherish for life. 


Garnet as a talisman for January Capricorns

Garnet is a beautiful stone increasingly found in jewellery. Garnet stone jewellery symbolises self-confidence and the power to perform. Its properties promote assertiveness, add vigour and courage. The garnet necklace for women motivates, restores joy and helps to find true love. According to astrology, it is an amulet for people born in January, i.e. Capricorns and Aquarius. Garnet is a stone that is often featured as part of a garnet gemstone necklace. We offer a variant on a long gold-plated chain, which can be used to create beautiful layered compositions.


Material: 925 sterling silver & 18 karat gold 

Stones: garnet

Chain length: 55cm extendable to 60cm

Pendant size: 2 cm x 2 cm 

Please note that each piece is handcrafted and unique, so slight alterations in colour and form can occur.