Diamond Letter Necklace "T"- Vermeil

Colour: Yellow Gold

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  • Material: Gold Vermeil, a thick 18 Karat Gold layer over 925 Sterling Silver
  • Handmade
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A 18 karat gold vermeil necklace with your initial letter "T". This diamond letter necklace is a special gold necklace that can be worn day and night. A genuine diamond stone in the corner of the letter makes this gold diamond necklace a luxury and ideal gift for yourself, your best friend or loved one. 

Our Gold Vermeil is one of the thickest on the market and is known for its high quality and durability, so it won’t tarnish or fade over time, even with everyday wear.

Letter necklace as a good luck charm

The popularity of letter chains results primarily from the possibility of their personalization. These types of accessories often have a very personal character, sometimes playing the role of a talisman. The initial 'T' as a diamond necklace is a great option for those who care about individuality. As a symbolic amulet, it brings joy and good luck to the owner. The letter 'T' in the form of a diamond pendant can also reflect an important event or be associated with a specific place. Some don't stop at one initial and wear several pendants around their necks forming words or abbreviations designed to be deciphered only by themselves. The letter "T" with a diamond as a necklace offers many possibilities for interpretation. The initial can stand for our name or that of an important person from whom we received the pendant as a gift.

Material: 925 sterling silver & 18 karat gold 

Chain length: 39cm extendable to 44cm

Stones: Diamonds 0.01ct

Please note that each piece is handcrafted and unique, so slight alterations in colour and form can occur.