Gold Vermeil vs. Gold Plated Jewelry


What is Gold Vermeil?
Gold Vermeil (pronounced ver-may) is a specific type of premium gold finish. Vermeil jewellery is composed of a very thick layer of gold over high quality sterling silver. We use a 18 karat gold plating for its warm colour, durability and preciousness. Our 18 Karat Gold Plating is one of the thickest available on the market and is always up to 3 microns thick, which makes the jewelry more durable and resistant to tarnishing.
Solid 14 Karat Gold or 18 Karat Gold jewelry are always the best choice for jewelry that lasts forever but if you’re looking for the highest-quality, demi-fine jewelry, our vermeil collection with a thick plating in 18K gold is a great choice when it comes to long-lasting and durable jewelry. 
Vermeil has the benefit of being lighter than gold and less expensive while keeping its precious and shimmering aspect and is an excellent pick if you have allergies to metals because its made of hypoallergenic materials.
The difference between Gold Vermeil and gold-plated jewellery
Some jewelry lovers assume the terms Vermeil & gold plated are interchangeable, but these jewelry categories actually vary in very important ways. Because each type has a gold layer on the surface, it’s easy to confuse them.
Gold Vermeil is superior to gold-plated jewelry.
 And here is why:
  • Vermeil has a lot more gold than gold-plated pieces.
  • Gold plated pieces are cheaper than vermeil jewelry as they use any metal to create the core for the plating which often occurs in allergic reaction.
  • Gold plated jewelry doesn’t require any minimum karat weight or thickness. The coating wears of very fast and will leave you with a tarnished jewellery piece.
  • Whereas Gold Vermeil consisting of pure 925 Sterling Silver Base and a very thick Gold Plating is hypoallergenic and will take years before tarnishing. Say goodbye to green fingers and brass rash!
As a consumer, it’s important to pay close attention to the quality if it’s listed as gold plated jewelry. While it does have a layer of gold, this doesn’t necessarily mean the jewelry is high-quality and durable!
In order to be considered as true vermeil jewelry the piece has to meet certain qualifications: 
  • The base of the metal must be of sterling (92.5%) silver. Look out for the “925” stamp as this is used to signify silver jewelry covered in a layer of gold. This is a standard hallmark for vermeil.
  • The purity of the gold must be of at least 10 karats
  • The thickness of the gold coat should consist of a minimum of 2.5 microns (0.0025 millimeters)
Make sure you look out for the quality of your Vermeil Jewelry; as 2.5 microns with a 10K Gold Plating will tarnish way faster as a 3 micron plating on 18K Gold.
How long does gold vermeil last?
  • The lifetime of a Vermeil jewelry relies on the layers of gold. The thicker the gold plating, the longer the life of the piece.
  • Another factor to consider is the purity of the vermeil. As you may know, the higher the purity of gold, the softer it is and more susceptible to scratches and damage. It is recommended to buy 14K or 18K gold if you want your piece to last. Anything higher will be too soft and lower would not have the color of gold you may be after.
  • Does gold vermeil tarnish? After years of daily wear or too much water and chemical contact, it can start to tarnish. However, this does not have to be a permanent issue. With regular cleaning and maintaining, the tarnish can be removed and the vermeil restored to sparkle.